My Pregnancy Story… so far…

I’m in my mid twenties and as I’ve said previously, this is my first child and I’m really excited to meet my little nugget. At 22 weeks, I’m starting to get pretty antsy, but all in all, I’m just enjoying the ride.

My pregnancy story starts nearly 2 years ago when me and my husband decided we wanted to have a child. We were just sorting out our house which we had just purchased and were all bright eyed and bushy tailed at the notion of having a family. However, as fate would seem, we apparently weren’t very good at the whole getting pregnant thing. After a few months of trying and me worrying about my ovaries having cysts affecting our chances, we turned to our GP for guidance. A year and a half later, we were in the fertility wing of our local hospital deciding whether or not this was worth the blood tests, the waiting, or even the fertility drugs that I had just been given.

I knew that there were plenty of women out there like me, some who have been waiting even longer for a child of their own. I’ve caught a glimpse of that life of having to be patient, holding my breath at every pregnancy test and then falling to pieces when they read not pregnant. Hell, when I was in my early twenties, I prayed for that result. I was always so careful and so worried carting around my birth control as if it my life depended on it.

I then finally decided, why not try an at home ovulation test and give conceiving naturally one final try. The day I bought the tests, I decided to try one just out of curiosity and sure enough, there it was… a lovely little smiley face. It was as if the stars were aligned in that moment. Finally we had to play the waiting game and hope to god that this was our moment.

Test day had come. It was early in the morning, just before work, and I had my test ready to go and butterflies buzzing in my stomach. This was it. If I hadn’t become pregnant after this, I was going to use the pills and hopefully become pregnant… possibly with multiples. I picked up the test from its resting place on my counter… “Not pregnant”. How could it be? I had done everything right?

Disheartened I went back to my bedroom and snuggled up next to my husband and fell back to sleep.

That weekend I decided to treat myself to some wine and consider the possibilities of us not getting pregnant. I just didn’t know how many more no’s I could swallow. My husband as well was becoming less and less hopeful so much so that our talks about how to raise our future child began to hurt us rather than help us.

After a few days of sulking, I began to wonder if I should try the last test in the box. I was still late for my time of the month, but that wasn’t anything unusual for me. My husband had already gone to work, but I still had time before I had to leave.

Unlike the last time where I psyched myself up for a positive result, this time I was calm. I had felt another negative result coming and was sure that I would be prepared for it. And then…

“Pregnant. 1-2 Weeks”

I was shocked. Really truly dumbfounded. I was positive? This had to be a false positive. I quickly called up my husband to tell him that there was a chance that I was now pregnant.

On my lunch break that day, I ran to the pharmacy to pick up more pregnancy tests and I remember it was a bit of an awkward moment as my in laws had gone in to the same pharmacy at the same time. I definitely didn’t want to have to explain my purchase since 1, I had no clue if it was correct, and 2, I didn’t want to tell them until much further in the pregnancy.

I must’ve done 3 more pregnancy tests that day which all read positive and I was just so freaking happy. After a month and a half of solid trying, we were finally pregnant.

Now 22 weeks later, I’m over half way through my pregnancy and it’s still just extremely surreal that all this is actually happening. My heart goes out to all those pregnant with me and to all those who are still trying. x


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  1. Mariana
    Mariana says:

    Some women have lower HCG levels in the start of their pengnarcy and it can take longer to get a positive HPT. However I found this test to be VERY accurate. I took the Clear Blue Digital test at 4 pm the day my period was due and got a positive. I then took another test at 7pm that night also the Clear Blue digitial, again another positive. Then I took a third Clear Blue the next morning and once again a positive.I went to the doctors that afternoon my period was technically one day late at that point and they gave me an in office urine test that came back NEGATIVE. I told them about my three positives so they sent me for blood work anyways and sure enough we WERE pregnant afterall.So as it turned out the Clear Blue tests were even more accurate than the doctors office urine tests! If you are 8 days late if you are STILL getting negative tests, I would guess its from something else like a change in diet, stress, weight gain or weight loss etc. You could try testing again in a few days, OR go to the doctor and ask to have a blood test done they are MUCH more accurate and can pick up on pengnarcy as early as a week after conception ! Good luck! Was this answer helpful?

    • Elle
      Elle says:

      Wowzers! I didn’t realize that!! 😀 I used Clear Blue while we were TTC and I loved it because it was so clear cut.. you’re pregnant… you aren’t pregnant. But yea, thank you for the information! :) x


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