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I had my 4th appt with my Midwife today in the late morning. Had to make sure I had everything as last time I had forgotten my pee cup. Oops I said Pee

It’s always so weird going into the doctor’s office carrying all of my pregnancy documents. I’m always so worried about getting judged no matter what. I know I look pretty young for my age especially if I’m not wearing much make up. I chose a seat in the corner of the waiting room and tried to finish off my list of questions for the midwife.

I noticed then a woman arriving with her little girl. I continued to write offering them both a small smile.

“Is it your first?”

I was so shocked. I had to ask her to repeat. I said yes with a smile and then we continued to discuss her experiences with pregnancy and then motherhood. She apparently had twins for her first; the one she had with her ended up with  a dodgy immune system due to her being in the smaller of the two placentas.

It was my first talking to a mother who I had never talked to before. A surprise and definitely a pleasant one and hopefully just the start of the many mothers who I will be talking to in the near future. I suffer from a slight case of social anxiety which causes me to have hermit like tendencies when interacting with people, but I really enjoyed just talking about pregnancy/motherhood with someone I didn’t know.

My appointment went really well. Apparently everything is in working order and I got to hear my little girl’s heartbeat again. Afterwards she began kicking the crap out of me. Guess she wasn’t a fan of being fondled by my midwife. XD


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