Elle’s First Pregnancy Book…

So I finally buckled down and bought a pregnancy book at 23 weeks oops and OF COURSE it ended up being What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s probably become like the official baby guide for women all over the world. I still remember my Aunt reading this book about 18 years ago when she was pregnant with her first which is just a crazy thought.

Anyways, part of the reason I’ve started so late is because I’m not really a reader. Most of the information I’ve gathered so far has either been from blogs or from my midwife directly which I still definitely suggest as they should be really really good sources for information. I only recently decided that it’d be best to have some more information especially as I’m over the half way mark.

Also I’ve gotten addicted to my Kindle. Like seriously, I got it two months ago and I love my kindle now. It’s always on me and always ready for action, so when I saw this was available on Kindle I needed to have it. If you’re at all interested in getting one, I highly suggest it. I was actually keeping my eye on the Kindle for awhile mainly so I could get it at a discounted price. One day I’d been searching for it on Amazon and it was miraculously £10 off. At that moment I thought, hmm, should I get this now or should I wait a day? I finally was just like screw it and went for it like a freaking hawk. Thank goodness I did because the next day it was not on sale anymore. I was a bit disappointed since after that day, they announced the Amazon Prime Sale and had kindles at like £39 which is £10 less than what I paid for it, but oh well. I have it and I love it.

I’ll be writing about my findings in this book along with the other books that I pick up along the way. If anyone has any book suggestions, let me know!

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