24 Weeks Pregnant – My Baby is a Cantaloupe

I do love these apps telling me how big my baby is compared to fruit/veggies. According to TheBump app, now my baby is the size of a cantaloupe which I would think is getting pretty big. I keep peeking ahead to see what my baby will be like next week and the week after. In small way I kind of wish that I wish that I was having twins and that Coconuts were a size on the chart. Would give me the perfect opportunity to annoy everyone by singing “I’ve Got a Lovely bunch of coconuts” every day for a week, but alas, I am content with my one little cantaloupe.


As for symptoms for this week, I’ve been dealing with some leg cramping and a general breathlessness. Walking up and down the hill from our house is taking me considerably longer now as I just feel like I’m out of breath. Not excited for when I’m carrying a watermelon although in theory I would’ve thought it would give me legs of steel. Perhaps I am wrong in this.

The leg cramping has happened a couple of times now at night. I tried testing it out a bit and it seemed like when I stretched out my legs, one of my calves would seize and send this shooting pain up and down my leg. I’ve found that kicking my leg out of the bed and letting it dangle for a tiny bit remedies the cramping, however, it’s definitely not a nice feeling. To be fair though, I’d much rather deal with the occasional cramping that living with my head in the toilet. I tip my hat to any of you women carrying through with sick stomachs and worser symptoms than my own. *brofist*

me 2

I’m nearing the point now where my belly button is poking out. It’s trying its hardest bless it. I’ve also been using Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion and Cocoa Butter Massage Cream after each time I shower to try and prevent stretch marks. I do love the thought that getting stretch marks means “earning your stripes” so if I do get them, I’m at least among the crowd of other tigresses, but I think it’s always worth moisturizing anyways. This is probably the longest I’ve stuck with moisturizing to be honest and at the moment I don’t really have any stretch marks, but then again, my cantaloupe isn’t really that big yet.

Thankfully I’ve still been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy trousers with help from belly bands. I’ve been using Maternity Belly Bands by Harry Duley. Comes with two colours; black and white. Granted I have to adjust them every now and again as I think I’m still “not pregnant enough” but overall they’ve been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I was always worried wearing these bands would make me look odd when I’m out, but the fabric looks just like a t-shirt so it appears as though I’m just wearing a cami underneath my shirt. Because of these I’ve seriously only bought maybe one piece of maternity wear so far. That’ll probably change in the coming weeks but as my hubby and I are focusing on buying furniture for our house at the moment, it’s nice to not have that added expense just yet!

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