25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks – Pregnancy Pillow Review

I move a lot in my sleep. I was once known for performing martial arts on unsuspecting sleep partners. Thankfully after spending about 3 years on a single bed with my husband while we sorted out our house, I’ve managed to train my sleep self to stay put, however, with the pregnancy, I’ve found that I still have a few issues that need sorting.

First off, I love sleeping on my stomach. For me it just feels amazing. I can snuggle my way into a ball of warmth and snuggles. So at around 12 weeks, I needed to give up my ball of comfort and instead sleep on my side. The only issue was that I kept finding myself turning onto my back. Granted in the first trimester I didn’t really care that much as all of the birthing apps/blogs told me that it was fine. Then once I began to grow, I decided perhaps it was time to start forcing myself down on my side and man did it hurt.

I got to a point where around 3pm every day at the office, my shoulder/neck would ache and the only source of solace was to permanently attach my hand to my neck, but considering I’m in a computer based job where speed is a necessity, having both my hands free is essential. So I decided that the next course of action would be to get a pregnancy pillow and I did this by using my handy dandy Amazon account!

While on Amazon, I always go with products that have high ratings, best price, and are available for Prime. (I spent £79 on that membership, I’m going to damn well USE IT!) With the high ratings, as well, I try to go with ones that have a high rating with lots of reviews as you never can tell if that 1 rating is someone who just had a one off really good time with a product or if they just give everything they buy 5 stars.

With this in mind I decided on purchasing the DreamGenii Maternity Support Pillow which is for some reason RIDICULOUSLY expensive on Amazon.com ($195.04+ $4.49 shipping) but reasonable on Amazon.co.uk (£37.95 and free shipping with Prime). It currently is one of the highest rated Pregnancy Pillows on Amazon.co.uk with ⅘ Stars and 301 customer reviews. It’s apparently also recommended by midwives apparently. Which ones, Amazon does not comment.


Most pregnancy pillows look like crazy snuggle contraptions, but this one is a lot smaller and does not come with a huge back piece like many pregnancy pillows do. Instead there’s just a little pad that curls around. After sleeping with this a full week, I’d say it’s alright at best. Although it does help keep me contained on my left side, it doesn’t always offer the best of support on my back. Perhaps it’s just me attempting to be rebellious in my sleep, but I still find myself rolling on my back, but if I position the back piece just right, the pillow will keep me slanted on to my left side so that I’m not fully turned which is good.

One of the other disappointing things is that the pillow covers are REALLY expensive. We’re talking £19.99 a pop and as I’m thinking about using this for breastfeeding as well, I’m going to need to buckle down and decide if this is worth it. Also the choices aren’t really that stellar. From what I see on Amazon.co.uk, you have the option of getting a cover with pink flowers, blue flowers, or just plain white.

I do miss being able to cuddle my husband though. He likes to compare me to a sloth when I’m sleepy. I usually wrap my arms and legs around him much like a sloth does with a tree branch. You could say as well that I’m like a koala, but being that I have pretty long limbs, I think sloth is more fitting. Anyways lately because I’m too busy with my snuggle pillow, he hasn’t been able to have a lot of snuggle time with me. It’s one of the things we’re looking forward to once the munchkin is out.

So Bottom line, I think it’s definitely worth buying a pregnancy pillow, but I don’t know if this one is worth the asking price. If I had to do it again, I’d probably get one with better back support, but as I have this one now, I’m going to stick with it. Hopefully I can train myself to sleep on my side.


Other than that, my week has been spent preparing for a massive fan event my husband and I are putting on. It’s been really exciting as we’ve had some great responses and feedback. The only thing I’m slightly concerned about is that when the event happens in Sept, I’ll be nearing the end of my pregnancy… so I guess we’ll see how that goes. The guys might have to wheel me around.

As for bump watch, I’m actually starting to look a bit more pregnant now, I think. Still getting those annoying leg cramps in the night every once in awhile, but generally I’m feeling pretty good lately. I think people are definitely right when they rate the 2nd trimester as the best one. Only about 3 more weeks of bliss until the lovely 3rd trimester rolls around and I get introduced to all the lovely later pregnancy symptoms. Keep you posted! 😉


Hope you all are having lovely weeks! :)

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