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Genie Bras; Good Purchase or Not?

Ugh, starting to get to the point now where I might need to get some maternity shirts. I’ve managed to stick with my pre-pregnancy trousers for thmoment while the belly bands hold them up. I think it’s mostly thanks to my mile walk to and from work everyday. I thankfully have some pretty steep hills to climb which offers some nice conditioning. On top of that I’ve been doing my 7 minute trainer app (Which is actually really almost 20 minutes…) on my phone with modified moves every other day so hopefully I haven’t really gained too much extra weight on top of my baby weight.

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As much as I don’t want to let it affect me, my expanding waistline does make me a bit self conscious. I wish I could be one of those girls who felt gorgeous with every added curve while pregnant, but sadly my mind seems to need a bit more convincing.

The only thing I haven’t been able to ignore though, are my very sore breasts. Within about a month of being pregnant, I already was in dire need of a bra change-up, so I decided to buckle down and do some research and what I found left me a bit sour.

As many pregnant women know, the maternity market likes to hike up their prices for their “specialty” maternity lines. Where a normal piece of clothing would cost one thing, add maternity to it and you’re looking at a hefty markup.

Most sites recommend you get maternity bras/bigger bras as and when you need them, but me being frugal, I wasn’t happy with that solution. I had no clue how big my breasts would get and I didn’t want to send myself to the poor house trying to keep up with my chest. I also thought about just getting Nursing Bras to save money, but still, without knowing how big my breasts would get, I didn’t want to buy them and then have my breasts grow an extra sizing forcing me to buy more. So in my uncomfortable state, I sought advice from other moms around the internet and discovered these:

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Genie Bra 3-Pack

For about £9.99/$15.99 – $19.99, you get three Genie bras in 3 different colours; Beige, Black, and White. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to get these as single packs, but for the price, it’s not that bad, also the beige color has allowed me to wear dresses with mesh backs that I wasn’t able to before.

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They are shaped like sports bras and offer a ton of room for you to grow. I felt the benefit of them immediately. No longer was I feeling the sharp pangs in my rips as I did with my pre-pregnancy bras and I was so thankful that they also didn’t break the bank.

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My only complaint with the bras is that the inner padding can easily pop out in the wash. There’s a little slit in either side where the seams weren’t sewn which acts as both a blessing and a curse. Generally the pads are pretty easy to get back into place, but sometimes you might find yourself spending a few minutes trying to get the pad straight.

I definitely recommend these to you pregnant gals looking for maternity bras that won’t break the bank. They’re cheap, comfortable and also will offer you some selections for your growing breasts. Granted, they’re not the most attractive bras in the world, but if your significant other is anything like mine, they probably prefer you braless anyways. 😉

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