28 weeks-01

28 Weeks – Pregnancy Brain on the Loose

Symptoms //

  • Hungry all the time
  • Have to use the restroom all the time
  • Feeling pretty exhausted still…
  • Baby kicks/movements are in full swing!

Cravings //

  • Milk and Cereal
  • Anything sweet <3

I am now at 28 weeks and my pregnancy brain is at an all time high. Yesterday I had completely forgotten about my appointment at the midwife. Thankfully she still saw me, but we weren’t able to do the blood tests we were going to do.

28 weeks-02

I couldn’t believe it. I had reminders everywhere, but it completely escaped my mind. Thankfully the baby is at least scoring high marks. She’s exactly the size she needs to be at 28 weeks and her heart beat is spot on where it needs to be.

My next appt. is in two weeks time and I’ll also be getting my whooping cough vaccination at the same time.

28 weeks-03

Lately I’ve been freaking out a bit over our progress. We haven’t really bought much as we’ve been so busy with everything going on. We’ve also been trying to sort out our house which is still looking quite empty, but thankfully next Thursday we’ll be getting two bookshelves in along with our couch which should be very exciting.

I’ve started my search for push chairs which I had kind of looked at early on in my first trimester. I was really pushing for an uppababy as we’re thinking of having multiple children and that chair would mean that we wouldn’t need to get anything else, however, I’m also quite privvy to the fact that it’s about £700 which is very expensive. We could probably afford it, but I’d like to look at other options while we can.




Then we’ve also been thinking about clothing. I know for a fact that my husband grew like a weed when he was little so I’m very conscious about what I should spend my money on. I don’t really see the point in buying expensive clothing for newborns/0-3 months. Think about that time. That’s 3 months. To spend loads of money on outfits that they’ll grow out so quickly just seems silly to me. Perhaps once her growing slows down and she’s more “toddler” size I can think about expensive items, but for now, I’m comfortable with the basics. As long as she’s comfortable and warm, that’s really the best I can hope for.

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