29 weeks-01

29 Weeks Pregnant – Can We Panic Now?

Symptoms //

  • Still Hungry
  • Baby is starting to kick more now
  • Hooray swollen gums!

Cravings //

  • Still going crazy for sweets

This whole pregnancy is going way too freaking fast and I fear squirrel friends, that I’ve entered panic mode. It’s been really busy around our house as we’re still decorating and gathering things like bookshelves/etc. We also have a massive fan gathering on Saturday which we’ve been planning for. Tomorrow we have a couch and two bookshelves coming so hopefully that’ll clear up some space in our office and perhaps even get some of the stuff our of our nursery.

I see a lot of people on tumblr and other such sites planning out their nurseries, but as our baby will be staying with us for the first 6 months or so in a little bedside cot, we’re not too stressed about decking it out with furniture just yet.


I went through a massive check list I found on Mothercare, because I was concerned about what amounts to get of everything for the baby. I went through most of it with my mother in law as well to see what I could live without. It’s just a shame though, as in a way it makes you feel guilty, because they make you feel like you should have it, but really it’s not because I’m some kind of heartless person, I’m just extremely sensible and frugal. Might have something to do with when I was a kid and I used to ask my parents about what we could afford. It’s just carried on into my adulthood.


Either way, the hubby and I are currently focused on the gathering so once that’s over, we’ll be in baby preparing mode full speed ahead!

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