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31 Weeks – To Pram or Not To Pram

Symptoms //

  • Kicks so many kicks
  • Urge to buy everything baby

Cravings //

  • Don’t know if it’s a craving, but I’m really getting into Vegan recipes atm

I am now 31 weeks pregnant which means it’s time to start getting all of our stuff sorted for the arrival of our munchkin. The only issue is, we cannot for the life of us decide on a pram/travel system.

Apparently back in my in laws’/parents’ day, there wasn’t so much choice when it comes to prams. Also apparently it didn’t cost nearly as much to get a good one. Nowadays, for a decent pram/travel system, you’re looking at spending about £500+ which is crazy considering how much use it’ll get in the grand scheme of things.

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D and I have talked about having more children in the future, however, a lot how we go about it will depend on how our first one goes so purchasing an expensive travel system when we’re not even certain how long we’ll wait for the next kid after this one is a bit extreme. But even when you purchase one that’s extremely expensive, it’s not set in stone whether or not it’ll actually serve you well during its life span.


Although trying out prams in store is great and all, it doesn’t tell you how other people have faired with theirs. They don’t have the hills/uneven side walks for you to try them out on or tester crying babies to see whether or not they feel comfortable in them. So a lot of my research comes from other mums who have dared to try out the travel systems and nearly all of them have conflicting data.  This one says it worked like a dream, this one says that the manuevering was horrible, so on… It’s enough to drive you mad.

So with all the trouble and expense of a travel system, we have to ask ourselves, is getting a pram really worth it or is it just another “traditional” item people get when they have a baby just because they feel as though they need to?

I’ve observed other mums travelling around town with their prams and nearly all of them look as though they’re struggling with them. Whether its that they’re trying to manuever around a shop, trying to get their travel system on a packed train, trying to push the massive contraption up hill… it just doesn’t look like much fun. The other day I saw some grandparents that made me laugh. They had a pram, but there was no baby. Just groceries. The grandfather was pushing the groceries home and the grandmother was carrying the baby. Spend £500+ for a pram shaped grocery cart?

Then there’s the babys as well. Sobbing like crazy for whatever reason stuck in a pram. Apparently as well, if you get one of those prams that uses the car seat as an attachment, you run the risk of hurting the baby’s spine. So although it seems like a good idea to combine the stroller/car seat to limit how much you have to carry, you’re actually hurting the baby… UGH.

Now…. on the other hand, there are carriers. I’ve seen plenty of mothers who have opted for baby carriers over prams and have nothing but great things to say about them. Granted, you have to buy the right carrier. One that is actually highly reviewed and has all the bits you need for your baby’s size as accessories or included.

I’ve been looking at the Ergobaby Carrier which seems to be one of the highest rated. The reviews are all pretty much positive with people saying that they don’t feel like they’re carrying anything. Granted if I get a C-Section, this might be difficult for us to handle, but I doubt I’d be going many places within the first few weeks anyways if that were the case and my husband should be around to help for the first two….

But either way, I’ve seen women who have had c-sections handle pramless lives just fine and the best part about it is that they only cost about £150 for everything so even if it doesn’t work out immediately, that’s only £150 lost opposed to £500+ for a stroller that may or may not fall a part after 6 months of use.

At the moment *knock on wood* everything seems to be going alright with the baby. I’ve had a very low risk pregnancy and the baby has been on track growth wise. Granted I could go late? But we can cross that bridge when we get there. If anything perhaps I won’t buy the carrier until we know for sure whether or not I can use it right away. We’ve already decided even if we get a pram, we’re going to wait a tad. The only thing we know we definitely will get is the car seat as we’ll need to take it from the hospital…

This weekend we’re headed to John Lewis to trial some prams so I suppose we’ll see how things go although I’m really not confident. Honestly the whole travel system thing just stresses me out to no end… I’d be happier to just be able to settle on the carrier now than even both with the pram, but meanwhile I have lots of other people in my ear shouting about how I’ll need a pram… but really, pramless lifestyles have become a lot more popular over the years and I highly doubt people in lesser developed countries are roaming the streets with an Uppababy Vista complete with the £80 footmuff. If anything carrying them, at least I’d get rid of some of this baby fat… sigh.


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