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32 Weeks – The Pink Dilemma

Symptoms //

  • My fatigue from the 1st trimester is back… bring on the 200g/day of caffiene!
  • I can’t sit for longer than an hour and a half due to pain
  • Getting a bit of pressure in my lower half…
  • Gas pain, woots.

Cravings //

  • Nothing at the moment, but I’m definitely looking forward to my vegan wraps at lunch time

For some odd reason, most stores seem to believe that just because I’m having a girl, it means that I want to deck her out with pink. Pink stockings, pink dresses, pink sleepwear, pink snowsuits… and so on. This is my statement to all companies making clothing for babies: Please use colors other than pink.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love pink. I think it’s a great color to wear every now and again, however, my favorite color is teal and although that’s not to say I want to dress my baby in teal, but I would like to have the option to. Now before you say, well why don’t I shop in the boy’s section instead, I have come to find that a lot of places actually make boys clothing sizes a bit bigger to girls’ which makes my findings even more frustrating.

For my research, I’m looking to places that sell affordable baby clothing. I won’t be looking at company’s like the White Company because I ust find spending £20 for baby clothes when they’ll only wear them for 3 months is not a good value for my money. Also if the clothing item is part of a set and has a pink item within, I will count it as pink. Along with any item that has pink in any shape or form in it. So without further ado…

Let’s look at Argos‘ collection for the moment. They have 48 clothing items listed online for girls. 40 of which have pink in them. Granted some of the items listed are duplicates, but regardless, about 83% of the clothing listed have pink in them.


Argos also have a “unisex” section, which only has 16 items, half of which are grey, 1 cream, 3 cow print, 3 pink… So I suppose for those of us who would like to recognize the other colors of the rainbow are pretty much stuck with grey. W00t.

Moving right along, we have Asda’s George Clothing selection. They have a much bigger selection for boys and girls. Look at the girls first, we have 203 items, 128 of which are pink. About 63% of the items have pink in them..  a bit better than Argos. but considering they do have other colors featured, why do they not perhaps make more of a variety? Why does pink still need to be the majority? Also, White is like a death sentence considering how often babies will stain them. Granted, they’ll stain the other colors as well, but at least they won’t look like I have pulled them through the garbage heap.


There are only 17 unisex styles. All of them are primarily white. You could say well, why don’t you dye them?… But at the moment I work a full time job and in a month’s time I’ll be taking care of a baby. Don’t really know if I’ll want to be dying clothing while attempting to nurse my hungry pink child.

Now onto Boots.com. 109 girl items, 63 have pink, with that being said though, I am happy to report that boots have something in teal! There are quite a few items that have various colors featured like coral and blue, but still almost 57% of it is pink.


Boots also has the most Unisex items that I’ve seen so far with 48 items featured and although a majority of them are white, there are some yellows and greens in there. There’s quite a lot of red as well but most of them are in preparation for Christmas… which oh my goodness, boots, it’s still SEPTEMBER! CALM DOWN!


Sainsbury’s TU Clothing Line has been recommended to me by friends. Of their 96 items, 38 of them have pink, making it 39% pink. That’s definitely the lowest I’ve seen. There are some teal, some blue, some coral, some white, so on.


They also have a unisex section which offers unfortunately, primarily white clothing but considering their girls section is only 39% pink, you’re bound to find something.

Perhaps because they’re American, BabiesRUs does not have any gender specific sections on their website. There are about 287 items featured with various colors to choose from. A majority of them are in white, pink, and blue but I have more hope that no matter what I choose, it should fit my little girl. They still could benefit from additional colors.


Finally, I’ll look at Mothercare‘s Newborn selection. They have the biggest selection for newborn girls I’ve seen so far with 513 items, a staggering 305 of them have pink. 59% of the items contain pink.


Only 198 items are unisex. Although that’s the most items of unisex clothing we’ve seen, when compared to how much are in each of the other sections, it’s still quite low. And you guessed it, a majority of the items are either grey or white.

So I beg of you baby clothing designers. Please utilize the other colors of the rainbow. They’re your friend. They’re awesome. Don’t force me to turn my unborn baby into a pink marshmellow when she’s out of the womb. I want to be able to have a selection of colors to dress her in from now until she’s in school.


Granted, she might come to love the color pink, but I want that to be her decision. In the meantime I would prefer to dress her in teals, blues, oranges, yellows, purples, so on. I want her to have her 31 flavors of color. Also if you could as well consider that girls can like things like foxes and cars and Mickey over Minnie.




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