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Week 33 – We Have A Snuzpod

Symptoms //

  • Out of breath lots.
  • Fatigue

Cravings //

  • FOOD…. Yup… about it.

Let me tell you about my Snuzpod. So I saw this little guy early on in my pregnancy. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not an active attachment parenting mom, however I do want to have my baby close to me in the early bit of the pregnancy especially considering that we’re planning on breastfeeding and I didn’t want to have to run through the house to get the baby all sorted and settled… So when I saw this little guy on a review site, I immediately was just like, damn, I need to have this.

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Essentially it’s like a Moses basket, but from what I hear it’s a bit more comfortable for the baby. The top bit disconnects really easily from the bottom bit and the bottom bit can be folded and stored away. I love the ease of transport for this as I can just pop it downstairs during the day when I’m getting things done and the babes can just sleep (HOPEFULLY).

What also intrigued me are the little zippers on the sides which you can use to pull down the mesh and literally just pick the baby up with ease. No fuss and hopefully no drama.

The other reason I got one of these is because I am scared to death of SIDS. There’s an episode of Six Feet Under where they have a story about a little baby who died from SIDS and I just have been freaked ever since so I really wanted to have the baby close. Also when I was a baby I actually used to convulse and have 105 degree fevers, so if that starts happening with my baby, I also want to be prepared.

Unfortunately they were sold out of the color I originally wanted (the lovely Espresso), but I am quite happy with the white as it matches the other furniture in my bedroom. I’ve also shoved all of the cuddly toys we’ve gathered from my hubby’s parents’ house which hopefully will have a new home once we sort out the back bedroom a bit, but for the moment they can just chill. We’ve also given Simba temporary access to the grande suite. Hubby is being very generous in letting the baby use the little Simba doll. (Really I have the most adorable husband ever)33 weeks-05

Just had my 33 week appointment and my midwife said she couldn’t make out whether or not my little one has turned or not. She said she could kind of feel a head on both ends but the heart beat was stronger further down so she’s going to try and make sure. So it’s either my baby hasn’t turned, or she has a very bony bottom apparently. Either way, hopefully I’ll get some answers at my next appt near the end of the month!

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That’s all from me this week! Next week I might go over my MASSIVE baby checklist… and hope you guys don’t judge me for being frugal. ^^;; <3

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Elle x

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