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34 Weeks – My Water Filled Birth Plan

Symptoms //

  • Fatigue
  • Emotional
  • Massive gas pains

Cravings //

  • Cookies <3

We’re heading into the last few weeks of pregnancy which means it’s birth planning time! I think some gals have probably already planned their births right down to the type of linens they want in the room, well, I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but 34 weeks I guess is better time than ever to go through what my ideal birth would be especially after my first antenatal course which focused all around, you guessed it, birth!

So at first I just thought, eh, I want to be drugged up. I just didn’t really believe in the whole natural birth thing. I didn’t want to suffer the agony of birth. I didn’t really see the point. However, now that I’ve actually discussed it with a group of people, I’ve changed my mind a bit. Bear in mind, I have read about most of my options beforehand, for some reason in my antenatal course it just clicked.

So.. now… Here are the things that I’ve decided on for an ideal pregnancy situation:

34 weeks-02

WHERE?  Hospital. Although I’ve heard great things about birthing centres, the nearest one is about 30 minutes away and being that my husband commutes by train to work, it just wouldn’t be ideal. Instead I want to have my baby in the hospital near us. It’s actually one of the better maternity wards in the country so at least that’s also a plus.

TYPE? Water birth. the hospital I’m going to has it. I want to definitely give birth via water birth if it’s possible. My midwife said it’s quite popular, but 9 times out of 10, those who want it get it unless they are medically unable to.

POSITION? Definitely want to be able to move around a little bit and give birth

MUSIC? I definitely need some calming music. I’m hoping to bring some cheapy speakers with me and have the music play from my phone. I’m not entirely sure what yet. Possibly something from Final Fantasy (a video game series that my husband and I both love). Bit odd to the average person I know. Here’s a cover album from one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy X.

HYPNOBIRTHING? I’ve actually been thinking about this one. Again, something that I was a bit close minded to initially, but as I’ve gotten a bit more into meditation recently, it sounds like something I want to at least explore.

DRUGS? Eh, I don’t really like that by using drugs, they have to watch you much more closely. I’d rather try and do it naturally. I might regret it, but I’ve heard that staying calm is a good way to go to keep the pain down…. but I’m also quite aware of the fact that when I’m in the moment, my calmness will deplete faster than a keg at a frat party. Still… it’s worth a shot. Might want the oxygen though 😛

WHO I WANT IN THE ROOM? Just my husband and doctors/midwife. I wouldn’t really want anyone in the room. I just don’t really like the idea of other people being around. Definitely don’t think I’d be calm if anyone else was in there.

LIGHTING? Low lights. This one was a bit silly to me, but I guess it’s only because I didn’t really expect so much detail in a birthing plan. Low lighting I’ve heard is a lot nicer and calmer so ideally I’d like some low-lighting.

CUTTING THE UMBILICAL CORD? I’m leaving this one up to my hubby. If he wants to cut it, he can, but otherwise I don’t really mind.

MONITORING? If possible i’d like intermittent monitoring, but if that’s not possible that’s fine. Whatever’s best for the baby.

ASSISTED BIRTH – I’d rather not have to resort to assisted birth, but if it’s needed, I suppose whichever the doctor feel is best at the time.

NURSING? Yup, I’m giving it a go.. and I pretty much need to start then and there. It’ll be interesting as my mother and my grandmother both didn’t. My MIL did… I definitely want to give it a shot, but if she ends up a formula baby, that’s alright. As long as she’s a healthy little puff.

HOLDING THE BABY – I definitely want to have that skin to skin contact right after birth. I’ve been carrying around the little puff for 9 months, for crying out loud. It’d be like buying an iPhone then having someone take it away from me right after purchasing… like no. My baby. Mine. But if she’s in need of medical attention, then she can go, I just definitely want baby cuddles.

UNEXPECTED SITUATIONS – If the baby has to go to another hospital for treatment, I wish to be transferred with her.
Overall, I’m not fussed about what happens. I want whatever is best for the baby, but in an ideal world, this is what I would like. As I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy, I’m almost anticipating the birth to go awry. I always sort of work myself up for the worst.

34-weeks-03-01In other news, I’m now at 34 weeks and ugh, the symptoms have been a bit worse this week. I woke up a couple of nights ago with major gas pains. Today I just feel uncomfortable. Haven’t had a full night’s sleep in awhile. I had a bit of an awkward moment at the antenatal class though. This older lady literally gave me the once over. I’m not entirely sure what she was thinking, but it was definitely a judgement look. I know people think I look a bit young for my age… either way it made me laugh a bit how she kept looking at me. Down at my bump. Then back to my face… oh well. XD


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