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35 Weeks – Baby Clothes Haul!

Symptoms //

  • Have a bit of a cold along with my usual congestion.
  • Gas Pains

Cravings //

  • Just give me food and I’m happy..

I held off for as long as I could, but now I present to you the damage I have inflicted to my bank account: My Baby Clothes Haul! I swore I wouldn’t fall into the trap of “nesting”, but really guys, I just have to have every baby thing necessary.

Now, with all that being said, I’ve actually been quite sensible. My baby clothes haul began with a local NCT sale, which I highly suggest to new moms out there. It’s a great way to get good branded clothing for a REALLY cheap price. So, let’s get started:



So most of these are actually Next clothing, which I absolutely adore, however, wouldn’t fathom shopping at for babies because I don’t see the point in spending £20 on one clothing item that she’s only going to wear for 3 months.

ANYWAYS, What we have here are about 3 dresses: One green with white polka dots which had the ladies behind the cashier’s desk plotting to steal it from me (cheeky gals 😉 ), one jean dress with Minnie mouse embroidered on the bottom and one lilac colored dress with a matching long sleeved body suit underneath. Next we have a little hat which my Nana thought was a tissue (thanks Nana! :P) But it’s a really adorable knitted hat with a little knitted flower on the side.

Next to that is a lovely red jacket. As she’s a late November baby, I figured jackets would be a must and this one was way too cute to pass up. In front of this jacket we have my favorite item of the lot, a striped knitted jumper from Next. I want one of these myself. It’s just too cute.

Down below we have a little pair of jeans. I had been looking at leggings but I just thought jeans are easier to match and these ones were just too cute. Finally, we have a little Snowsuit which is actually 3 – 6 months, but was a good enough price that I felt it was worth it.

Now the total for all of these bits: £15.50. Like seriously… NCT sales are THE BEST THING EVER. I know some people get a bit iffy about putting babies in used clothing, but I think as long as you wash them well and use new onesies and such, there’s no problem with going used.

Now onto my next haul:



This, unfortunately, was a bit more expensive, but I tried to get the best deals I could find among the baby sites.

First we have some bits I bought from George which is Asda’s baby brand. From there I bought a 7 pack of Panda Print Body Suits. I originally wanted plain ones but they were completely sold out of their 0-3 months range so I went with these instead which is still a good deal in my opinion at £7.50.

I also got 2 of their sleepsuit 3 packs. Yes, they’re pink… but again they were sold out of their white 0-3 months so I went with these and at £3.50 for 3, I really can’t complain. I will also not be using them as sleep suits, but primarily as shirts.

The Baby Dot Print Snowsuit in the back was just so cute. This is 0-3 months and was £12.00. And finally we have a little purple cardigan which was £5.00. So my total at Asda was: £34.45 including shipping.

I also got a couple of bits from Mothercare. Pictured are the jeggings which hopefully should go with a lot of her clothing. They were only £5.00. Not pictured are 1x 5 pack of cable socks I got in various colours which was £6.00 and a pack of 50 Tommee Tippee Disposable Breast Pads which was £4.49 which means I spent a total of £19.44 at Mothercare.

My FINAL Total is £69.39 which I really don’t think is too bad when you consider the amount I bought. I also bought a couple of items from another used baby clothes sale that went on this weekend. I also have a couple of items which my family members have purchased so overall I think I’m pretty much ready clothing wise.

The only bits I still have on my baby checklist are things like diapers, baby carrier, car seat, so on, but at least it is safe to say that my baby will be CLOTHED! Yippee!!

As for where I’m at in my pregnancy, I’m currently 35 weeks which means my baby is the size of a Coconut. Will be singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” all week.. especially since this is my last week before Maternity Leave! Still cannot believe it. The time has gone soooooooo fast!


I had probably my worst night sleep ever this past Saturday though. We went out for burgers and I suppose I ate a bit too much and ended up suffering from a massive stitch in my side. When it got really unbearable we called the doctor’s office just to be on the safe side and everything is fine, but no more bacon cheeseburgers for Mommy… I also have my husband’s cold which is lovely. But hey, last week of work!


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