36 Weeks – Baby Checklist

Symptoms //

  • Itchy hands and feet – Doctors have done a blood test and don’t see anything wrong for the moment
  • random spurts of energy then fatigue.

Cravings //

  • Mint stuff. I REALLY love mint chocolate ice cream.
  • Cereal again ;3;

We’re almost at the finishing line and with that in mind I decided to share with you all my baby checklist! These are things that I’ve either already bought or are planning to buy in the near future for our baby. I’ve based this lists around other lists I’ve found around the internet and added/omitted where I saw fit. With that being said, I am a first time mom, and even if that weren’t the case, this is not the be all end all of baby checklists!

So without further adieu, let’s get this party started:

– Long sleeved body suits // I have about 6

– Vests/undershirts // I have about 7

– baby socks // I have 5 pairs

– hats

– blankets // I was given 4 which I think is an okay amount.

– changing matt

– unscented baby wipes

– diaper cream

– disposable diapers // I had a massive back and forth about this and I definitely think I’ll try disposable for this one

– baby soap

– safety set // the one I want includes clippers, combs, thermometer, so on.

– ergobaby carrier

– eb infant insert

– eb weather cover

– jacket

– cardigans // I think I have about 3 at the moment.

– snowsuit // I have 2 (one for 0-3; one for 3-6)

– baby towels // intending to get a 3 pack

– beeper for crib

– Matt for tummy time / play time

– bouncy chair

– nursing covers // I want to get those infinity scarf ones that end up folding into a scarf.

– bath

– lanolin cream

– maternity pads

– car seat

So that’s what I have at the moment. I’ve also got a bunch of outfits for her from the sales I’ve been going to (See – 35 Weeks – Baby Clothes Haul)

Some notable exceptions on the list are:

Breast Pump / Bottles – I just didn’t think it’d be necessary. I’m hoping to breastfeed but I’m going to be with her so often that I don’t think I want to get a pump just yet. I’ve also heard that it’s best to try and keep them on the nipple before introducing a bottle. Whether or not that’s just gobbledy goop remains to be seen, but for the moment I’d like to get her nipple trained.

– Pram – I’ve discussed before about prams and I definitely don’t think it’s for us at the moment. We’re going to give the ergo baby a good effort and if we in the end need a pram, we’ll get one but for the moment, I just don’t think it’s necessary for us. I’m happy to try and carry her as much as I can, but obv if I get a c-section, this might change things significantly.

– Diaper Genie – Another one I’ve been back and forth on. But in the end I just sort of thought, I’ll just toss the nappies in the bin and if it gets too smelly I’ll empty it. Much easier and cheaper than getting a genie that you have to put refills in.

– Cloth Nappies – A part of me was hoping I could pull off the cloth nappies, but I think for our first, I just want tCar o try and keep it easy. If later down the line we think we can handle cloth nappies, then hopefully we can try them, but otherwise, disposables seem more our speed.

– Car Seat Adapter – We’re hoping to make due with a convertible joie carseat which from what I understand does not require the bottom bit. We don’t have a car and aren’t really planning on getting one any time soon so this would just be something we use when we absolutely need it.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully we should be okay with what we have/what we’re getting. They always say you end up with more than you actually need. It’s still all up in the air obv and my whole plan might change once the baby’s born, but for the moment I’m happy with what I’ve planned.


Had a bit of a scare last week. I woke up one night with massive pains in my side that just wouldn’t go away. So I had those sorted and then I started thinking, wow my hands and feet have been itching significantly for the past week which is not really a good sign as it could be a number of things. Thankfully for the moment, my liver and acid levels are fine, but they’re going to keep a close eye on me for the next few weeks to make sure nothing’s changed.


Got to see the baby again yesterday. My midwife wasn’t really sure if the baby had turned so she put me in for an ultrasound at the hospital and it was so crazy seeing the baby pretty much fully formed. Last time I saw her, of course, was my 20 week scan which feels like ages ago now. She’s such an active little girl though. She tried to kick the heart monitor multiple times. Really was not having it 😛


After this week, I’ll be considered full term which is just crazy to think about. My skin feels so stretched and uncomfortable… I really can’t wait to stop growing and, of course, to see my little one. Just crazy how fast the time has gone! Until next week <3



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