38 Weeks – Stretchmarks Happen

Symptoms //

  • Still have the burning at the top of my bump
  • Indigestion goodness
  • Pretty emotional

Cravings //

  • Nothing really at the moment

Stretchmarks are often feared as the sort of boogeymen of pregnancy. They’re often associated with weight gain in pregnancy and, unfortunately, are notoriously hard to get rid of post pregnancy.

They fade over time apparently, but those of us keen to have our pre-pregnancy bodies back as soon as possible often see stretchmarks as the ultimate pregnancy nemesis; myself included.


When I found out I was pregnant, my first purchase was stretchmark cream. Not only that, I bought two of them just to be on the safe side. So since about 4 weeks pregnant, I’ve been lathering my tummy, breasts, and thighs with these concoctions in hopes of having a stretchmark free pregnancy. Not only that, I’ve also continued to work out (albeit with adapted moves), walk to work (which is about 2 miles everyday), and I’ve eaten a very healthy diet jam packed with vegetables, fruits, and proteins. I think in general, this is the healthiest I’ve eaten.

Most websites I had read said the key to keeping stretchmarks away from your “glowing” pregnancy skin, is to work out, eat healthy, and use creams. Well I did all of that, so why, might I ask, did I at 36 weeks begin to sprout stretchmarks?

The first stripe I found at the base of my tummy. It was small and blue and could easily be mistaken for a vein of some sort. It was at this point where I decided perhaps I should up the ammunition a bit and use Bio-oil as well. As the days wore on though, I began to sprout more and more stripes and now at 38 weeks, I have a little community of them.


I’ll admit, I cried. I sobbed like a baby. I had tried so hard to be good, to stay fit and my body deceived me. I was marked with stripes and they were only going to get worse. I felt like an absolute failure.

On the outside though, people have complimented me on my pregnancy body. Stating that they couldn’t believe I was as far along as was. At 38 weeks,  I still managed to stay in my pre-pregnancy trousers and have only purchased a couple of pregnancy tops. Not only that, people seem surprised at how mobile I am. I still workout to this day and do a few walks during the week into town up and down very steep hills.

I’m one of those odd people who just can’t sit still. I like to be active. I’m on my maternity leave and I feel busier than I’ve ever been, but I’m enjoying it and sticking with it. Which in  way, helps me mentally fight the stretchmarks that I have obtained.

Granted, I still use the creams I’ve purchased, but really, my keeping fit and healthy have also helped my baby which is really the most important thing. I’ll admit, my desire for a stretchmark free pregnancy is rather selfish, but I can safely say that I’ve given it my best shot and that really stretchmarks are just something that happens to some pregnant women no matter what you do.

I don’t think there was anything I could’ve done differently to keep the stretchmarks away. This is just the way my body handled the pregnancy and hopefully in time, these guys will fade, and due to my healthy antics while pregnant, I’ll have a really healthy happy baby post birth.


So if you’re like me and trying to fight the big fight, please try not to feel sad should your efforts against the stretchmarks not work out the way you planned. Just be hopeful that your efforts to stay healthy and mobile during pregnancy give your baby the best possible start. They’re just stretchmarks after all.

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  1. Emma
    Emma says:

    Stupid stretchmarks!
    Your routine of exercise and lotions sounds like a fantastic counter to them though. Like you said they will definitely fade post pregnancy and maybe even in double time due to your efforts and healthy lifestyle :) in fact, what if you get ‘shrink marks’ that’ll totally cancel them out!
    I recommend the bio oil. I used it to fade scarring on my legs, not only did it fade them well it doesn’t half make you soft ^_^

    I was thinking, I’m gonna miss your posts on here after baby K is here. Do you think you will stop after? You should quickly grab ivegotababynowwhat.co and continue the story/journey!

    • Elle
      Elle says:

      <3! XD Shrink Marks, I LOVE IT! :P And yea, I’m trying the bio oil now so hopefully in the least it’ll keep them at bay. Apparently they end up looking worse after the baby’s out so we shall see ;3;

      And aww!! I’m definitely going to keep it going, don’t you worry!! xxx I have to to have somewhere to post all the cute baby pics ;) x haha and YES, I’ll run that by D XD Can’t wait to see you this weekend!! <3


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