39 Weeks – Nursing Covers and More!


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  • … Ice cream.

It’s the final countdown. Well… maybe. If I’m not late. But yes, one week until the baby’s due date and I’ve gotten my nursing covers! I’m still walking, still moving, still working at home. I feel just as I did a few weeks ago and the baby is still snugged tightly in what feels like my rib cage. My midwife has informed me that her head is apparently pretty far down and that she’s a pretty long baby… so I fear my dreams of having her magically dropping down one day to relieve me of my indigestion for a few days have been tarnished somewhat.


This past week though, I did manage to make her a little hoodie. I had said to myself that I would make this for her before she was born and I decided yesterday that I would sit and not get up until I had either finished it or keeled over. Thankfully I did not keel over although I was very hungry and resembled some kind of feral beast by the end. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but I’m still proud of what I’ve accomplished.


The design is based off of a little animal from the Final Fantasy video game series. I still don’t know what to do about the pom/wings. I was tempted to make the wings out of the purple fabric I had left, but for the moment I’m taking a bit of a breather.


Also last week I received my nursing covers in the post from Hold Me Close. I really wanted a nursing cover for myself while I was breast feeding just because I’m not particularly comfortable with having my boob out in public regardless of how acceptable among women it’s becoming.  I also didn’t want one that looked like an oversized apron. I wanted something that was practical and so you could imagine my excitement when I found this company on etsy!


I bought 2. One that’s just grey and the other that’s grey chevron and I’ve been wearing them since I received them in the post. They’re nursing covers but they double as scarves which I think is AMAZING. My baby is a winter baby so I’ll be able to wear these all while it’s cold but they’re also compact enough so when it gets a bit warmer, I can just hide them in my purse if wearing a scarf gets to be too uncomfortable.

I’ve also started decorating the baby’s room. I’m not going too overboard as the baby won’t actually be in there until she’s quite a bit older, but I did want some shelving and some boxes to put her clothing in so I went over to Homesense and had a bit of a haul. 😉


You can also see that the boxes are ALSO chevron… and yes they are grey… oops.

So that’s it for my 39 week update. Next week I may or may not have a baby. Who knows?


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