40 Weeks – My Hospital Bag

Symptoms //

  • I’ve had my show!
  • Fatigue
  • Soreness in my pelvic region

Cravings //

  • I’m back to cereal for some reason. Honey Nut Cheerios are <3

Alright ladies and gents, the day has come. It’s my due date and my hospital bag is for the most part packed! So in honor of the occasion, I decided I’d share with you all the contents of my hospital bag and a few of the things I’ll be grabbing when we’re just about to leave.


So first off, this is the bag I’ll be bringing along with possibly a backpack just for my electronic stuff, our sets of clothes, and our snacks. It’s a lovely little bag from Carter’s my Nana bought me in America. Really wish we had Carter’s over here in the UK… oh well.


Here are the baby clothes I’m bringing with me. As it’s been quite cold recently, I decided maybe it’s best to bring a her little snow suit just to be safe. I’m also bringing one long onesie which my nana also bought me, short sleeved vest, one long sleeved vest, one cardigan, one pair of trousers, two pairs of socks and a little hat. I’m mainly bringing more just as a precaution, but I’m sure I don’t actually NEED all of this. I just like to be prepared.


Here are some of my things that I’ll tuck away in this bag. There’s a nightie, one towel I don’t mind ruining, a bathing suit top, a pillow case (will also be bringing a pillow), one nursing cover so I can practice a bit and two pairs of cuddly socks. I’ll also be bringing a set of going home clothes as well and a small robe.



Let’s just say I went a little spend happy at Boots for my toiletries. I just thought that perhaps I should get a bunch of those travel sized little things just so that, one, I don’t have to worry about putting my stuff in travel sized containers, and two, I can pack it all away right now and it’s done. I’m also bringing some maternity pads which I hear is a MUST, disposable knickers (meant to get some granny panties from Primark, but never did so these’ll have to do), some nipple cream, nipple pads, some diapers, wet wipes, and two receiving blankets… in case one breaks down.



If there’s anything I truly remember from my antenatal classes, it’s the importance of having snacks on hand. These are some of our favorites and I just wanted to keep them handy. We also might pack a couple bananas and some jam sandwiches as well along with my rather large water jug.

As for the items not pictured::

– phone Chargers

– phones

– kindle

– robe

– clothes for mom

– clothes for dad

– additional snacks

– make up

– cleansers

– tooth brushes

– hair brush

– hair clips

– pillow

– additional snacks

– pregnancy papers

– pregnancy journal

– pens

– purse

I think that might be all. Hopefully I won’t have forgotten anything. I definitely want to keep my bag as sensible and little as I can.



As for where I am, I’ve just had my show this morning which was a lovely feeling… well aside from the stinging sensation and such, but to think that my baby is almost here is just so exciting. I met up with some of the gals from my antenatal course today. They’re all due later in December. I think one is due a little later than me. It was really lovely to catch up and speak to people going through the same experiences as myself. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again soon, probably AFTER the arrival of my baby now which is just insane to think.




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