Cluster Feeding – Not for the Faint of Heart

Upon my daughter completing her second week in the world, I’ve come to know a certain baby phrase quite well and have also come to despise it with a fiery passion of a thousand suns… Cluster Feeding.

Apparently this is a relatively new concept as my in laws and my own immediate family members who have had kids have not heard about it or referred to it as cluster feeding, but alas, my baby has obviously heard about it and is an active participant.

Night after night, she feeds for 8 hours straight taking only 5 – 10 minute intervals… just enough time for me to lather my nipples in lanolin cream and sneak a quick snuggle with my husband. I spend some of the time feeding attempting to sooth my little girl or on my phone reading about other mothers’ experiences in dealing with cluster feeding. Most of the advice given is to just suck it up and ride it out which is not really what you want to hear 3 o’clock in the morning attempting to re-latch your child onto your breast.

I’ve had a few moments where I held the baby crying my eyes out wondering when this phase would end and whether or not I could put up with the hardships of breastfeeding up to the 6 month mark as I’ve been intending. Granted, I’m a pretty strong lady. Even at the birth there was a point where I thought, man, I would love to get an epidural and have the pain be over, but I persevered and instead had a natural birth. I just had to moan a lot to get through it which I’m sure what’ll happen here, but of course, where labor took me 9 hours, cluster feeding will keep occurring with every growth spurt my little one goes through.

So if you’re like me and dealing with a cluster feeding baby, just hang in there. Us gals can’t lose our sanity. If anything at least we can find some comfort in the fact that our baby is healthy and “hopefully” happy. 😛

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