New Year’s Resolutions – First Time Mum

First, I must apologize for my absence. I’m still adjusting to life as a new mum these days and most of my time is now spent breastfeeding, napping, and changing nappies. The small free time I have, I’m cleaning and/or running small errands which I’m guessing is pretty much the norm for new mums.

My year ended with some crazy new changes and now it’s time for me to reevaluate myself and see what resolutions I can achieve for next year. As this is a pregnancy blog, I’ll try my best to focus primarily on mommy related goals. So, let’s begin.

Continue my Pregnancy Journal

I’ve actually been keeping up with it quite well. I’ve now written in Ali’s first Christmas and her growth over the last few weeks. I hope to continue writing in my journal as she begins to develop.

Start Working Out Regularly Once More

For the first time in a couple of years, I’ve gone a few weeks without doing really any type of workout. I suppose I’m banking on the calories that I’d lose by breastfeeding my daughter pretty much nonstop over the last few weeks. Granted, my uterus (thankfully) shrunk within the first week and I look pretty much normal, but there is a lovely pouch I’d like to shrink down and, in general, I’d just like to go back to my healthy fitness regime.

Continue to Eat Healthy

The first few weeks, my diet hasn’t been too great. Granted, I’ve been recouping during one of the holiest of all junk food holidays, Christmas, so really I was pretty helpless to the call of mince pies and chocolate roulade.  But now I have one more day of unhealthy holiday eating and then it’s back to eating healthy and skipping the pies.

Get Out More

I’ve been quite a hermit since having the baby. It’s almost as if I’ve developed anxiety about traveling for fear of the baby getting distressed while out. Also I had a small experience a week ago where I went out to the post office and nearly fainted due to over excursion… Rather not have to experience that again.

Put Together a Baby Scrapbook

I decided I wanted to save our girl’s birthday cards and put them in a lovely little scrapbook. Still deciding how I want it to go, but it’s definitely something I’d like to achieve in the next year.

Finish the Baby’s Room

I know what you’re thinking… Shouldn’t you have done this before the baby arrived?… But being that the baby’s in our room currently, we just thought it’d be best to wait, so this year, I’d like to decorate Ali’s room. Granted it’ll probably be a slow process, but hopefully one that’ll go quite smoothly in the coming months. We’re shooting for a 3-6 month move in period.

Take More Pictures/Videos of Ali

There aren’t many pictures or videos of me when I was an infant. I didn’t have much to look back on of my early days when I learnt how to walk and talk so with Ali, I’d definitely like to catch more on film. I’d love for her to have moments to look back on and for us to look back on as well.

Help Ali Grow

This sort of goes without saying, but Ali has a big year ahead of her and I only hope she can excel in her progress. It’ll be crazy to see where we are this time next year compared to now. She’ll be over a year old and possibly even walking and talking. Just so crazy to think about.


Seems like a long shot, but I just want to recover really and find some kind of normalcy. I realize that my life has changed significantly, but at the moment with all the breastfeeding and napping, I just feel a bit like I’m falling. I just want to get to a point where I feel like I’m not in recovery still if that’s a state to get to.

So that’s it for now. Hopefully I can accomplish some of these items during the next year. It’ll be great to document Ali and I’s journey together in the coming months so hopefully you’ll join us for that. Until then, this is Elle out! <3

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