5 Things I've Learned About My Newborn In 5 Weeks

5 Things I’ve Learned About My Newborn in 5 Weeks

My newborn’s first 5 weeks of life were pretty crazy and nothing like I really imagined. Granted I knew my days of uninterrupted sleep were over, but there were a few other things that I didn’t anticipate. So without further adieu, here are 5 facts I’ve learned over my baby’s first 5 weeks of life:

Breastmilk Stains

Even though breastmilk is white, you can be sure as hell, it’ll leave a stain on your pearly white tops. I tried my best to keep my breastmilk at bay, but even my nipple pads were no match for my tremendous let down which even sturdy faucets would be jealous of.

Baby Girls Are Just as Lethal with their Pee as Boys

I’ve always heard the horror stories about little boys peeing on their parents, but let me tell you, my girl is a champion at projectile pee. That and projectile poo. Change a nappy too slowly and face the consequences of being doused in excrement. (Isn’t raising babies fun?)

Poo Lingers

If you’re throwing a soiled onesie into the washer, be sure to rinse the poo off of it before throwing it in the washer as sometimes it’ll stay on there… teasing you like the immoral jerk it is.

Carriers are Baby Whisperers

Seriously. Thank the lord for which ever genius brought baby carriers into the world especially comfortable ones. My husband and I usually will use them when we’ve exhausted all of our sleep tactics and without fail, after about 10 minutes of walking around our house with her in our Ergobaby, Ali is out. Carriers = love.

Cherish The Days Where You Slept for +4 hours Straight

Seriously. They don’t come by often, but I’ve had a few days now where Ali has slept for about four or more hours in one go and they are miraculous. My husband must think I’m crazy, but I get overwhelmed with emotion when those nights happen and begin thanking and kissing my baby on the cheeks while either changing her nappy or feeding her. Sometimes, dare I say, it’s better than chocolate… and that’s a pretty big feat.

As the weeks go on, I’m sure I’ll have more things I can add to this list, but until then it’s time for another full day of nappies, burping, and, the greatest of all things, sleep.


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