Metanium – My Nappy Rash Miracle Drug

When I was preparing for my darling little girl, I was so confident she would not get nappy rash. I did everything to find information on the subject including watching people wipe their children for tips on YouTube. So much so that I didn’t even buy any nappy rash cream.

Sure enough, four days in, my girlie gets a massive nappy rash. I felt like a complete and utter failure. My daughter’s only four days old and she gets nappy rash?? Furthermore, I am now stuck without anything to help sooth her. I went to my trusty friend Google for answers and read about other people’s experience. I tried vaseline as many have stated that it acts as a good barrier. For 3 days I put it on my girl’s sore bottom and the rash only got angrier. I also tried leaving her nappiless for a little while each day. No help.

Then I went to my midwife, who suggested cotton wool for wiping although I still saw no improvement. My mother in law told me Sudocream would work but she wasn’t sure as her sons didn’t have nappy rash. Figures. After about a week and a half of using it, I saw only small changes.

I then started seeing mom’s talk about Metanium. Many stated that their baby’s nappy rash went within days of using the product. So I thought, well, it’s worth a shot. I went to my local Boots and purchased a little tube of Metanium cream.

Reading the packaging, the stuff seemed intense. It said that this cream could stain clothing which already had me a bit uneasy. My clothes were already suffering from my bouts of breastmilk leakage. I don’t know if I could take nappy cream stains as well.

Opening the tube, I could see that the cream is RIDICULOUSLY thick. It’s a thick yellow cream that I did not want anywhere near my clothing. I scraped a bit off the top and attempted to work it into my baby’s freshly clean nappy rashed bottom. Let me tell you, this stuff is as INTENSE as I thought it was. I had maybe a small couscous size drop of the cream on my finger and even that was FAR too much for my girl’s nappy rash. I spent ages trying to work it in but eventually her bottom was finally armed and ready for the next poopocalypse.

Sure enough after a couple days of using this stuff each time I changed Ali’s nappy, my little girl’s behind was pretty much clear of Nappy rash. Seriously. Clear. It hasn’t come back so far. I’m using a combination of cotton wool with water and Metanium and I am never looking back.

If nappy rash has got you frustrated, I definitely suggest Metanium. My baby’s bottom is a lot happier because of it!

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