Attachment Parenting

How I Accidentally Became An Attachment Parent

I know everyone tells you that you never know what you’re going to be like as a parent until you become one. That all your preconceived notions of parenting are forever changed once that baby arrives into your world. I can tell you that this is completely true. I never once thought I would be into attachment parenting. I actually used to laugh at the idea… but I see that now I’ve actually become one and I feel like it’s actually been the best choice for me and my family.

Breastfeeding on Demand

Let me first say, I was a formula baby. I don’t see anything wrong with formula other than the apparent difference in nutrients that a baby receives compared to breastfeeding and a number of other things that breastfeeding enthusiasts will probably tell you. Essentially, I wasn’t planning on breastfeeding. I was probably going to follow in the footsteps of my parents/grandparents who lived by formula. But instead, I decided to take the plunge into breastfeeding especially after my husband was insistent on it.

Granted, I wasn’t completely sold on it at first. My nipples were sore. I spent loads of hours up at night feeding my little munchkin… but I’m sticking with it and now at 6 weeks, it isn’t nearly as bad as when I started and I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve saved loads by breastfeeding instead. I completely understand that I am RIDICULOUSLY lucky in that both my milk supply is great and my husband is fully supportive, but ultimately, I am a breastfeeding mama, and I can’t believe it really.

Carrying My Baby

I never thought about how I’d take my little one around. I guess I just always assumed that I would have a pram of some sort. But it wasn’t until I was pregnant that I found out how freaking ungodly expensive travel systems were. Like seriously. What are they putting in them? Gold? It’s horrible.

On top of that, there’s not really any “best” pram. So many of them have problems and for 700+GBP, I’m not going to waste my money on something that can’t guarantee me awesomeness. The Ergobaby however has a massive amount of positive ratings. The choice was pretty simple.

As an act of both defiance and cost effectiveness, I decided instead to go with a carrier, The Ergobaby 360 Carrier. Granted, I’m not impressed with the infant insert (which could easily overheat a baby if the temperatures were higher), but I am very happy with it and find it very useful. Never have to worry about using lifts or leaving my (VERY EXPENSIVE) buggy alone. So I’ve become a bit of a carrier enthusiast and even bought an Amawrap. W00t.

I’ve walked to the store, to the post office, to the cafe… So on. It’s fantastic. Granted, I have moments where I fiddle with all of the Ergobaby pieces and walking long distances can get tiring… but I think it’s still a lot better than spending loads of money on a pram that I hate.


This one I’m not overly happy about, but I REALLY wanted sleep. Basically, I bought the Snuzpod which really is fantastic. It’s a cot that sits right next to your bed and is ideal for mothers who nurse as you can easily take your baby out of it for a nighttime feed. However, my little girl HATES sleeping in it. Seriously. I put her in, within 5 minutes she cries.

The only time she gets to sleep at night, is by sleeping with me in bed. I suppose it’s because of the warmth and partially because our bed is RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, but either way, I really would love to be back to cuddling my husband, but instead I am spending my nights worrying about whether or not my baby is too hot and where the pillow is in relation to her face. It’s really not ideal, but thankfully I get 6 hours during the night so until I can find a way to get her to sleep in a cot, we’re co-sleepers.

So those are 3 ways that I’ve become an “attachment” parent as far as I understand attachment parenting to be. I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s the best way to parent a child. It definitely has its cons, but for now it’s just what I feel is best for my little one and hopefully it’ll help some of you all out there who are quickly becoming attachment parents without trying like myself.

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