Mommy Hacks – Skype Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is expensive. If you want some of the top notch ones, you can look at spending about £90 and being that my baby is staying in our room for 6 months, it just doesn’t seem worth it at the moment. However, there are times where my baby falls asleep in our office while I’m working and I find I need to go into another room for a minute (like the bathroom), but don’t want to disturb her by taking her with me.

Well, one day I was talking on Skype and thought, hey, Skype is free, there has to be a way I can incorporate Skype on my laptop and Skype on my phone to create a temporary monitor and sure enough. This is what I’ve created. Granted, you have to have good internet connection in order to achieve this and due to this, I suggest not relying on this method when you’re sleeping. But if you just need a monitor for those moments when you’re in need of a cup of coffee, this is fantastic.


– 2 email accounts; one for one username and one for the other.

– 2x electronic devices with Skype installed; Can be 2xlaptops, phones, or computers with webcam. You can do other variations with this as long as you have two things you can connect to skype with. My setup is 1 laptop and 1 phone.

– Good Wifi Connection; this is ESSENTIAL. You don’t want to have to keep reconnecting.


1. Create two Skype accounts if you don’t already have one. Name both of them whatever you’d like. I actually named one of mine Monitor with some random username. NOTE – You will need two separate emails

2. Login to one account with one electronic device and the other account on the other electronic device.

3. Call one of your accounts and answer.

4. Once your connection is good, take one of the devices with you and make sure the other device is focused on the baby unless you’re happy with just being able to hear the baby.

WORD OF WARNING – Keep the electronic devices quite far from each other to save yourself from interference. This can make a horrible loud sound which might wake up your baby which is not good.

And voila. Monitor problem solved.

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