No Excuses – Working Out With A Baby

It’s freaking difficult to workout with a newborn. It just is, plain and simple. You’re exhausted, they’re crying, if you’re breastfeeding you’re craving food every 5 minutes, and if you’re back at work, there’s just not enough time in the day to fit in a work out.

I thankfully am still on Maternity Leave and plan to keep going for a year, but still I am finding it hard to keep motivated and focused. I keep trying to talk myself out of working out and then trying to eat healthily when I’m still feeling pregnancy like cravings becomes a bit of a chore. Before pregnancy, I was generally quite fit. I had my insecurities about my body, but I could look in the mirror and be happy with what I saw. While pregnant, I had reached the fattest I had ever been in my entire life and am now stuck with  a few spots that require some extra attention. Granted, I never thought this would be easy. I wouldn’t be able to just do a few workouts and have my pre-pregnancy body back. I knew this time I would have to work and I’ve been in dire need of motivation.

Today I came across an article about a woman named Abby Pell who states that she has abs and a child and “no excuses”. She was unfortunately attacked by other women for bragging about her accomplishment and “fat shaming”, but I actually found some motivation and inspiration within her display. No Excuses. I keep giving myself reasons to not work out, reasons to eat poorly. It’s really easy. But I want to change that about myself, so I feel like I just need to keep telling myself “No Excuses” and if anything I’ve already been doing that with raising a baby.

With Ali, I have to take care of her. If she’s hungry at 3am, I have to feed her. If she’s soiled her nappy 10 minutes after her last change, I have to change her. No excuses. It’s that simple. If I can apply the same attitude towards working out and working in general, I might find that I can achieve my goals a lot faster. I have to start out small, so for the next few weeks, I’m telling myself to do at least 3 or more work outs and I will make sure to keep up with a healthy diet. No excuses.

Granted, there will be times where I can’t do an entire workout. She’ll need me to feed or change her, but as long as I try, there’s no harm done. I’m not really trying for abs like she has (although I wouldn’t mind them!). I more so just want to feel good about my body again. So thank you Abby Pell for giving me a much needed kick up the backside. I can do this. No excuses.

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