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Birth Story / Welcome Alessandra

The time has come; I am now ready to present to the world my little girl Alessandra. She was born 6lbs 11oz at 5:49am. I was in labour for 9 hours with the second part of labour taking only 14 minutes. I had a waterbirth and the only “drug” I used was gas and air […]

40 Weeks – My Hospital Bag

Symptoms // I’ve had my show! Fatigue Soreness in my pelvic region Cravings // I’m back to cereal for some reason. Honey Nut Cheerios are <3 Alright ladies and gents, the day has come. It’s my due date and my hospital bag is for the most part packed! So in honor of the occasion, I decided […]

39 Weeks – Nursing Covers and More!

  Symptoms // INDIGESTION… PLEASE DEAR LORD GET OUT OF MY RIBS! ;3; Cravings // … Ice cream. It’s the final countdown. Well… maybe. If I’m not late. But yes, one week until the baby’s due date and I’ve gotten my nursing covers! I’m still walking, still moving, still working at home. I feel just […]

38 Weeks – Stretchmarks Happen

Symptoms // Still have the burning at the top of my bump Indigestion goodness Pretty emotional Cravings // Nothing really at the moment Stretchmarks are often feared as the sort of boogeymen of pregnancy. They’re often associated with weight gain in pregnancy and, unfortunately, are notoriously hard to get rid of post pregnancy.

37 Weeks – Full Term: Getting it Done

Symptoms // I have a lot of burning sensations at the top of my bump which apparently means, the baby is bruising me… greeeeat. Itchy hands and feet have subsided Feeling emotional as all hell. Cravings // I want a salmon and cream cheese salad right now. So my first week of maternity leave is […]

36 Weeks – Baby Checklist

Symptoms // Itchy hands and feet – Doctors have done a blood test and don’t see anything wrong for the moment random spurts of energy then fatigue. Cravings // Mint stuff. I REALLY love mint chocolate ice cream. Cereal again ;3; We’re almost at the finishing line and with that in mind I decided to […]

35 Weeks – Baby Clothes Haul!

Symptoms // EXHAUSTED Have a bit of a cold along with my usual congestion. Gas Pains Cravings // Just give me food and I’m happy.. I held off for as long as I could, but now I present to you the damage I have inflicted to my bank account: My Baby Clothes Haul! I swore […]

34 Weeks – My Water Filled Birth Plan

Symptoms // Fatigue Emotional Massive gas pains Cravings // Cookies <3 We’re heading into the last few weeks of pregnancy which means it’s birth planning time! I think some gals have probably already planned their births right down to the type of linens they want in the room, well, I’m a bit of a procrastinator, […]

Week 33 – We Have A Snuzpod

Symptoms // Out of breath lots. Fatigue THE HUNGER Cravings // FOOD…. Yup… about it. Let me tell you about my Snuzpod. So I saw this little guy early on in my pregnancy. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not an active attachment parenting mom, however I do want to have my baby close […]