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32 Weeks – The Pink Dilemma

Symptoms // My fatigue from the 1st trimester is back… bring on the 200g/day of caffiene! I can’t sit for longer than an hour and a half due to pain Getting a bit of pressure in my lower half… Gas pain, woots. Cravings // Nothing at the moment, but I’m definitely looking forward to my […]

31 Weeks – To Pram or Not To Pram

Symptoms // Kicks so many kicks Urge to buy everything baby Cravings // Don’t know if it’s a craving, but I’m really getting into Vegan recipes atm I am now 31 weeks pregnant which means it’s time to start getting all of our stuff sorted for the arrival of our munchkin. The only issue is, […]

30 Weeks – Hitting Rock Bottom

Symptoms // Feeling baby a lot more now Really feeling depressed Cravings // Anything and everything Although last week was incredibly busy and amazing, this week I’ve hit a rough patch and I just can’t take it. Although I wish I could be happy for the blog and such, but I can’t ignore just how […]

29 Weeks Pregnant – Can We Panic Now?

Symptoms // Still Hungry Baby is starting to kick more now Hooray swollen gums! Cravings // Still going crazy for sweets This whole pregnancy is going way too freaking fast and I fear squirrel friends, that I’ve entered panic mode. It’s been really busy around our house as we’re still decorating and gathering things like […]

Genie Bras; Good Purchase or Not?

Ugh, starting to get to the point now where I might need to get some maternity shirts. I’ve managed to stick with my pre-pregnancy trousers for thmoment while the belly bands hold them up. I think it’s mostly thanks to my mile walk to and from work everyday. I thankfully have some pretty steep hills […]

25 Weeks – Pregnancy Pillow Review

I move a lot in my sleep. I was once known for performing martial arts on unsuspecting sleep partners. Thankfully after spending about 3 years on a single bed with my husband while we sorted out our house, I’ve managed to train my sleep self to stay put, however, with the pregnancy, I’ve found that […]

My Favorite Pregnancy Films

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a fascination with pregnancy. I loved the idea of becoming a mother and wanted more than anything to experience it myself… that is, without the wonderful symptoms that I’ve come to learn about with my own pregnancy… With that I’ve always loved films about pregnancy. To be fair, […]