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Elle’s First Pregnancy Book…

So I finally buckled down and bought a pregnancy book at 23 weeks oops and OF COURSE it ended up being What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s probably become like the official baby guide for women all over the world. I still remember my Aunt reading this book about 18 years ago when she was […]

My Pregnancy Story… so far…

I’m in my mid twenties and as I’ve said previously, this is my first child and I’m really excited to meet my little nugget. At 22 weeks, I’m starting to get pretty antsy, but all in all, I’m just enjoying the ride.

The First Blog… *cue rock music*

It’s been a long time coming, but welcome all to my blog, I’m Pregnant Now What where I will spend my time writing about my own journey through pregnancy and motherhood with some old fashioned good humor and perhaps some more of the heart-warming moments in my life.