25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks – Pregnancy Pillow Review

I move a lot in my sleep. I was once known for performing martial arts on unsuspecting sleep partners. Thankfully after spending about 3 years on a single bed with my husband while we sorted out our house, I’ve managed to train my sleep self to stay put, however, with the pregnancy, I’ve found that I still have a few issues that need sorting.

First off, I love sleeping on my stomach. For me it just feels amazing. I can snuggle my way into a ball of warmth and snuggles. So at around 12 weeks, I needed to give up my ball of comfort and instead sleep on my side. The only issue was that I kept finding myself turning onto my back. Granted in the first trimester I didn’t really care that much as all of the birthing apps/blogs told me that it was fine. Then once I began to grow, I decided perhaps it was time to start forcing myself down on my side and man did it hurt.

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