Attachment Parenting

How I Accidentally Became An Attachment Parent

I know everyone tells you that you never know what you’re going to be like as a parent until you become one. That all your preconceived notions of parenting are forever changed once that baby arrives into your world. I can tell you that this is completely true. I never once thought I would be into attachment parenting. I actually used to laugh at the idea… but I see that now I’ve actually become one and I feel like it’s actually been the best choice for me and my family.

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Cosleeping With Our Newborn

When we started this journey, I had every intention of having my baby sleep in her own crib (the Snuzpod) next to our bed, but unfortunately she’s spending little time in her crib and more time cosleeping next to us.

I was always so worried about co-sleeping due to both SIDS and the chance of smothering my child accidentally as I tend to move a lot in my sleep, however, at the moment our little girl only seems to fall asleep next to mommy and somehow I’ve just fallen straight into it. Where before I’d roll around the bed, I’m completely static now with one arm around Ali and the bedside crib right next to us with the mesh covering folded down.

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33 weeks-01

Week 33 – We Have A Snuzpod

Symptoms //

  • Out of breath lots.
  • Fatigue

Cravings //

  • FOOD…. Yup… about it.

Let me tell you about my Snuzpod. So I saw this little guy early on in my pregnancy. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not an active attachment parenting mom, however I do want to have my baby close to me in the early bit of the pregnancy especially considering that we’re planning on breastfeeding and I didn’t want to have to run through the house to get the baby all sorted and settled… So when I saw this little guy on a review site, I immediately was just like, damn, I need to have this.

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